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Cultural services

The cultural committee is responsible for the cultural services of Utajärvi. Their branch include education services, library, culture services, day care services and free time services and separate project works for culture.

The vision

The cultural services of the municipality of Utajärvi has a very skillful organization and with its well interconnected service structure that is able to offer the residents advanced customer oriented services that promote the residents’ spiritual, social and physical wellbeing for their whole lifetime.

The mission

The mission is to offer diverse and modern cultural services and to strengthen the base of Utajärvi culture. The goal is thinking, working and happy resident who enjoys living in their municipality.
This goal is achieved by promoting the lifelong growth of one’s spiritual, social and physical being.

The management

The cultural services management consists of principal Tapani Blomster, principal Erkki Väänänen. Principal chief of vasite-team is Tarja Vimpari and Hannele Karhu is the principal chief of daycare. The management is led by the director of cultural affairs.
More information: Hanna Värri, director of cultural affairs (08) 587 557 10, 050-567 3336, hanna.varri(at)

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Anna palautetta