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The sports department

The mission of the sports department is to generate public interest into health improving sports and offer variety of basic sports possibilities and motivate the public into using them. The goal is local collaboration in developing the sports services with associations and village societies so that the sports related services are equally available to all the residents of the municipality.

Competitive sports is supported through grants, stipends and collaborating with the associations.

Utajärvi has excellent sports possibilities. Rokua maintains 70 kilometers of skiing tracks through pooled contracts. Lit tracks can also be found from each village center of the country. Other sports locations are for example:

·         Sports hall and gym the Utajärvi center, Sangi and Rokua

·         Indoor ice ring at Utajärvi center

·         Fixed check point network for orienteering

·         Swimming hall at Rokua

·         Snow street

·         Ice skating rings in the villages

More information about the sports department can be received from Jukka Grip: email: jukka.grip(at) , tel. 050-538 1497

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Anna palautetta