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The youth department

The youth department is responsible for developing the living conditions of the youth over several governing branches and departments and practical hands on work with the youth involving their activities. The mission is to create strong local co-operation model to organize youth work to avoid overlapping work, to define coherent activity model at the local level and work as a fluent network. The youth work has the emphasis on preventive activity and to promote activities that improve life control.

For child maintenance the municipality has cross department child maintenance agreement. The goal of the cross department youth maintenance is to safeguard consistent rights for child maintenance independent of which part of the municipality the child lives in or what is the child’s interest group. Another goal is wide, fluent co-operation in the matters of the young between the officials and the youth’s own circle of people. It is also important that up-to-date information on the young’s conditions and living travels with the person so that overlapping work can be avoided. This also prevents the stalling of progression when moving into new living situation and overly patronage.
1989 The municipality took into use new youth space next to sports hall. The space is open on weekdays from 11 to 22 and it’s possible to place a reservation on the space for example for meetings. Reservations can be done by calling to 050 443 7582.

More information about the youth department from Jukka Grip, tel. 050 538 1497

Nuokku – the youth’s own page –

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