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Fair Traide

Utajärvi becomes the first Fair Traide county in Finland
25.8.2004 Utajärvi county has been granted the Fair Trade county-title as the first one in Finland. Utajärvi is the pioneer amongst the Finnish counties when it comes to commitment to Fair Trade.
The Fair Trade products give compensation to farmers that guarantees their family a decent income. The farmers are committed to follow the principles of Fair Trade and to produce high quality products that fare well in international competition.

Filling the criteria
1.    The project has support from the county
2.    The country runs Fair Trade city-group to guarantee the continuity of the activity and development
3.    Fair Trade products are offered
4.    Fair Trade products are used at work places, congregations and other organizations
5.    Fair Trade week and media visibility
More info about Fair Trade!

The usage of coffee and tea in the events organized by the country and congregation
Utajärvi county, county office, coffee at meetings
The youth and sports office,  Unto-rock –event
Suvituuli service center; coffee at meetings and work place dinery
Utajärvi congregation
Main products: Meira Reilu-coffee, Pirkka Fair Trade-coffee, Pirkka tea, Clipper teas, Clipper Organic Instant, Hot Chocolate-single packs

Other companies and organizations
Merilän kartano
Herkkukelekka, the caterings use Fair Trade products according to customer’s wishes
S-Market Roomari
K-Market Meirami

Utajärvi county Fair Trade support workgroup
Pentti Tuovinen, representative of the county government
Ulla-Maija Moilanen, representative of the congregation
Hannes Pilto, representative of the organization
Mika Kemilä, representative of the business owners
Aino-Marjatta Ohenoja, representative of the county

The info is located in the library, congregation house and common service desk at the county house: information about the products, Fair Trade-week, Fair Trade principles and other campaign information.
Fair Trade-week is on springs and falls. S-Market and K-Market take turns offering fair trade coffee to their customers. Utajärvi retirees provide assistance to the project.

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