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Utajärvi  Joint service office

Kunnavirasto, talo 3
Laitilantie 5
91600 Utajärvi

Open from Monday to Friday from  8.00 to 16.00

tel: (08) 587 557 01
fax: (08) 5421 278
e-mail: yhteispalvelu(at)

Starting from 2.5.2012 joint service office offers Kela, municipality and employment and economic development office services! Kela services include distribution of brochures and forms and application reception.

Joint service office offers general knowledge about employment and economic development office services, instructs with the usage of electric services of the labour and business office also instructs with the usage of national workline phone service. Brochures, forms and documents are also distributed.

Joint service office also has a customer terminal that customers can freely use to use electric services. It’s also possible to print from the customer terminal. Printing costs can be found at the office. The staff will gladly help you with the usage of the electric services.

Utajärvi joint service office:
-information, guidance and support for the electric services
- municipality press- and cash services
-sales of meal tickets
-the official bill board
-municipality government and council lists and documents with their attachments
-receiving the applications and other documents for the municipality
-ordering copies of maps and copies of city plans and pick ups
-reservations of the conference rooms
-copying and faxing service for customers (for a fee)
-reservations of boat parking places

At the joint service office you are served by:
Anne Huhtala, Taisto Kokko ja Sirpa Nykänen

Kela pages [LINK]
Employment and Economic Development Offices [LINK]

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