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What is ISO 9001 system?

Developing a quality system and taking advantage of it in the operation of the organization to improve customer relations and cost-effectiveness has become more common in all branches of industries.

Usually the systems are based on ISO 9000-quality standards that give clear guidelines to develop a system independent of branch of industry or the size of the operations etc. ISO 9000 is a set of different standards. For the certification only ISO 9001 is used and it covers the operations of the whole organization.

ISO 9000-standards emphasize the process nature of the activity. For example main and support process descriptions and setting performance benchmarks are brought forth in the standard.

The existence of the quality system is an assurance of will to constantly improve the quality and it obligates to monitor all activities. ISO-standard is based on listening to customers and making the customer satisfied.

ISO-standard encourages the use of process-model in the development, application and improving the efficiency of quality control system.  When using quality control system the process-model emphasizes the importance of the following points:

-understanding and fulfilling the requirements

-noting the added value of the processes

-reaching the performance and efficiency goals of the processes

-continuous improvement of the processes based on objective measurements

Keeping track of customer satisfaction requires input from the customer that displays the customer’s opinion on whether the organization has fulfilled their demands.

The system requires the management to take responsibility = commitment, listening to customer’s requirements, resource management, quality control, design; the responsibilities are written down and are defined with clear description.

It requires systematical resource management = financial, human resources, equipment, environment and proper and realistic educational requirements.

The requirements for the final product = service, a product, action is made/delivered the way it was described and promised and so that so that the steps to make the product are made the way that the result is measurable.

The measurement, analysis and improvement is done according to the develop system = customer satisfaction, audits, comparisons and reviews and taking care of continuous improvement.

The organization using quality control system has to display its ability to reliably produce the requirements set by the law and the customers and has to achieve customer satisfaction by using a system that contains the processes for continuous development and fulfilling requirements.

The organization has to create, document, execute and maintain and constantly develop its quality control system according to the requirements of the standard. To apply the quality system the organization has to:

-recognize the processes it requires and apply them through the whole organization

-to define the order of the processes and relations between them

-to define required criteria and methods for efficient operation and administration of the processes

-to secure required resources and knowledge to support operation and supervision of the processes

-to supervise, measure and analyze processes

-to execute necessary actions to reach planned results and to continuously improve quality

The processes have to be managed according to the definitions of the standard. The goal is to guarantee development and management a tool for customer based systematic way of working.

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