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Development services

Vision 2010

”Utajärvi uses its potential, independent and co-operative municipality known for the vitality of its environment and countryside, offers a safe and stimulating living environment through its modern public service system and diverse business operations. The municipality has well motivated and professional organization that bravely develops the municipality and its identity.”

Administrative team

Administrative team produces office services related to general- and fiscal administration needed by the residents and the municipality organization.

Promoting residency

The mission of the group for residency promotion is to prepare residency and satisfaction related matters to municipal government for decision making.


The purpose is to help the residents to get employed by offering schooling and other projects as much as annual budget allows.


Development projects work to connect the private and public sector and educational institutions into a network and aims to increase knowhow and build infrastructure.


More information about endeavoring can be found from livelihood-page.

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Anna palautetta
Anna palautetta