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Social- and health services

The social- and health services (family-, senior citizen- and health services) of the municipality of Utajärvi are organized by Oulunkaari municipality consortium.

Board of service management is responsible of the production operations in the social and health services cooperation area. The board has a total of 12 members and everyone has a personal deputy member. Chiefs of services (chief of family services, chief of health services and chief of senior citizen services) act as presenters.

The mission of the social- and health service management is to produce customer-oriented, effective and cost-effective social and health services. The services are fit in lifelong model based on customer-oriented processes using the predefined social- and health service principles. The social and health services can be divided into family-, health- and senior citizen sectors, all of which have localized chiefs of services collaborating with the local foremen and staff.

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Anna palautetta
Anna palautetta