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Sights and places to visit

Traditional Kalevala village of Ahmas


Memorial for poem singers


Statue of Big-Räisänen

Hundreds of years ago there lived a legendary man named Lasse Räisänen in the village of Ahmas.  He was said to be stronger than others, big and brisk.  His statue is erected in the traditional Kalevala village of Ahmas.

Stonepark of Utajärvi

Stonepark of Utajärvi was founded in 1993.  Its exhibits the development of Finland’s bedrock over time with the help of 50 sizeable sample pieces tied to a story.  The oldest rock of the park is also the oldest piece of European Union bedrock, Gneiss of Siuruan (3,5 million years old).  The park is located at the village center by highway 22 next to a bakery.  The informational signs are in Finnish and English.

Veteran stone


Hanging bridge

The hanging bridge is located at Keskiniska, approximately 16 km from Utajärvi towards Vaala.  It was built by Oulujoki Osakeyhtiö in the year of 1957.  Before the taming of Oulujoki river, the bridge marked the starting spot of the strongest rapids in the river, Ahmaskoski rapids.  Nearby the bridge on the north shore of the river you can find a Laplanders hut, toilets area and a table with benches for camping.

Ferryman statue


Utajärvi homeland museum

Kotiseutu yhdistys ry maintains a homeland museum next to the church.  It was built in an old grain magazine that was built latest in 1877.  There are about 300 cataloged items.  The museum also owns a rapids boat made according to the early 20th century design and it is kept outside under a roof.  Next to the museum grows a great handsome pine that is called spanking pine.  There is no real evidence that anyone was ever spanked there but this is the verbal heritage.  The museum is open during the homeland week.  Otherwise it is opened upon request. The museum is located by the Kirkkotie-road next to a church.

Utajärvi church and tower


War hero memorial and memorial for those fallen in Karelia

Read more at and


Kurimonkoski is a part of Kiiminkijoki river located in the village Särkijärvi. At the end of 19th century there was an iron factory in Kurimo that used lake ore as its raw material. Now the area is conserved according to the memorial law. As mementos of the former glory right by the naturally beautiful Kurimonkoski you can find the remains of the ironworks, slag piles and gorgeus spruce tree fence.

Exhibition; Rokua – an island that the sea abandoned

Information and travelling center Suppa displays a permanent exhibition of the Rokua area: Rokua – an island that the sea abandoned. Besides the permanent exhibition there are also visiting exhibitions.




Located in Sanginkylä of Utajärvi, Valkeisjärvi lake with its clear water is a recreational area for the whole family and a special fishing spot for even the most demanding fisherman. The area has a grill, a nice beach, rental trailers and trailer parking spots, rental tipi-like-hut with electricity and a sauna, rental boats, a tipi and a lean-to with a bonfire spot. A variety of activities available including volleyball and badminton courts, a playground, good mushrooming and berry picking grounds. The area is also suitable for those with limited motility. Read more [LINK].

Rokua national park


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