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Water traffic and fishing

Rapids and fishing

Oulujoki- river and Kiiminkijoki-river – two of the biggest rivers that flow through Utajärvi – are quite distinct from each other. The power plants of Oulujoki-river and calm fishing possibilities form a convenient counterbalance for the raging rapids of Kiiminkijoki-river and active trout base. Clean nature that spreads over the whole county creates a unique atmosphere and especially the protected areas attract a lot of experience seekers.

The fishing area by the Oulujoki-river

From the links under travelling you can find pages for the fishing areas. From those pages you can find information about fishing in the area; the price of permits, the sellers, limitations and water areas.


Untamed, 170km long Kiiminkijoki-river at the northern end of Utajärvi is exquisite recreational fishing area for trout, grayling, salmon and pike and also an excellent canoeing route. More information about travelling to Kiiminkijoki-river:


Previously well known by fishermen, merchants and tar rowers. Oulujoki river flows through Vaala, Utajärvi and Muhos from Oulujärvi-lake to Gulf of Bothnia. It has retained its cosyness and unique natural surroundings and seal as a fish river.


Countryside hotel Rokuanhovi organizes diverse fishing program services in the vicinity of the hotel and at Oulujärvi-lake. There are regular rainbow trout and brown trout plantings throughout the year. Read more [LINK]

Recreational area of Valkeinen

Valkeisjärvi –lake located in Sanginkylä-village is a recreational area for the whole family and it is suitable even for the demanding sports fishers as special fishing spot. The area has a grill kiosk, a good beach, rental trailers and caravan spots, tipi-like hut with electricity for rent and a sauna, rental boats, a Laplander’s hut and a lean-t o with fireplace. A variety of activities available including volleyball and badminton courts, a playground, good mushrooming and berry picking grounds. The area is also suitable for those with limited motility. Read more [LINK].

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