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Utajärvi Business Park Ltd

The municipality of Utajärvi has a succesfull history in developing business activity. Excellent samples are Kinnusen Mylly which grew to be the biggest milling company in the northern Finland and developing the Rokua and Oulujoki riverside to be one of the most popular travelling area of the region. The history of tourism goes back to 19th century when amongst the first types of tourism in Finland was Oulujoki-river white water boating tourism.
Mustikkakangas industrial area of Utajärvi Business Park Ltd hosts a notable international company named Pipelife Ltd that manufactures plastic pipes. Another important field of business is wood industry. The usage of renewable energy has resulted in the great increase of production in that sector and has created many new companies. There are 6 businesses that work in the field of wood industry. New fields of industry that have started in the area are food processing and official metal recycling center.

Utajärvi offers space and possibilities

Utajärvi Business Park Ltd is a company that works on developing industry and businesses and it was founded by the municipality of Utajärvi. Business Park Ltd constantly develops the area to help the businesses and creates conditions for the birth of new businesses. It also offers support for starting companies and the businesses already in the area.

Operating environment

Highway 22 and the railroad between Oulu and Kajaani runs by the Utajärvi industrial area so the connections all the way to Europe are readily available.  The drive to Oulu takes 40 minutes and the international airport of Oulu is only 60km away.
The area has an excellent location in the immediate vicinity of the power plant of Utanen, Highway 22 and Oulu-Kajaani railroad.  The railroad has a place for connecting tracks reserved if they are needed.
The electric supply to the area has been backed up with a direct feed from the nearby power plant to make it failure free.  The direct feed makes black outs very rare in the area.  
The economic area of Oulu being High Tech University area offers your business extra development and operating possibilities. The area is able to provide workforce for the company’s needs.
Our beautiful nature is enriched by Olujoki river, Kiiminkijoki river and the hills of Rokua with their excellent outdoors terrain.  All in all Utajärvi offers a very nice environment for endeavoring, living and hobbies.
The Business Park hosts amongst other things, international plastic business, the refinement of the domestic wood and high tech food processing.

The businesses working together with Utajärvi Business Park Ltd. have appreciated the flexible and swift operation tradition (founded 1997).  Also good logistical connections, the vicinity of Oulu and the airport and business friendly atmosphere have gathered gratitude. Heavy industry appreciates the hard gravel soil that makes it easy to build facilities.

The local hotels by the riverside and Rokua have strong experience in serving international business visitors.

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