Municipality of Utajärvi - Why Utajärvi

Utajärvi is a cozy and vibrant municipality where every resident has an opportunity to live a good and balanced life. Our goal is to provide diverse opportunities for entrepreneurship, education, hobbies, and well-being, so that every resident has the chance to achieve their own goals and dreams. Here, it's also okay to fail because there's always a chance to try again.

We want every resident to feel valued and recognize their significance within the community. We create structures and opportunities that support community development and strong cohesion. Our residents are the source of our municipality's vitality and well-being. We offer everything needed for a good life: functional services, spacious plots, a safe environment to grow and live in, as well as the magnificent nature offered by the Rokua National Park, where the soul finds peace.

Join us in building a future where happy residents are the pride and attraction of our municipality. In Utajärvi, every day is an opportunity to live a little better than yesterday.

A Few Facts about Utajärvi

  • Only 50 km from Oulu
  • Population 2676 (December 31, 2019)
  • Area 1738 km², of which 63.67 km² is water covered
  • Year of establishment 1865
  • Mayor Anne Sormunen
  • Member of the HINKU municipal network since 2018
  • Finland's first Fair Trade municipality (2004)
  • The top destination for year-round nature tourism in Utajärvi is Rokua National Park, which became Finland’s first tourist destination to receive the UNESCO Global Geopark status.
  • Mascot plant: Cladonia stellaris
  • Mascot animal: 22-spot ladybird