Living in Utajärvi

Benefits for Families with children

We offer many benefits to families to ease everyday life, such as free early childhood education, free morning and afternoon activities for preschoolers, and extended early childhood education rights for first graders. In addition, a home care support municipal supplement of €300/month is available for the youngest child under 2 years old receiving support. We offer the opportunity for morning and afternoon activities up to third grade.

  • A baby package for newborns
  • Free daycare for all
  • Free morning and afternoon activities for preschoolers, with the opportunity for activities up to third grade
  • A home care support municipal supplement of 300 € /month for the youngest child under 2 years old receiving support.

There is an agreement between the municipality and Kela regarding the home care support municipal supplement, so the supplement is paid through Kela once applied for and granted home care allowance.

Utajärvi High School Invests in the Success of Young People

Utajärvi High School invests in the success of our youth by offering modern teaching methods and resources. High school students receive all textbooks and digital materials free of charge, as well as a laptop for the duration of their studies. School trips over 5 kilometers away are also free of charge. Other benefits of the small and communal high school include free driving license for a car, an annual 300 € well-being pass, an unforgettable study trip to Europe, and numerous trips within the country. The high school provides individualized education.

Benefits of Living in Utajärvi

  • Supported rental housing for half a year for new home builders.
    • Note: The recipient of the benefit must clarify the impact of receiving the benefit on other benefits/taxation received. The benefit is taxable income.
  • “Your building buddies”-service will help you in all phases of construction.
  • Available municipal rental housing can be applied for at the housing office.
  • Available plots can be viewed in Utajärvi Municipality's plot exchange.

Immigration services

Immigration services engage in multidisciplinary networking to help immigrants adapt to Finnish society while supporting them in maintaining their own cultural identity. At the same time, the aim is to promote understanding of other cultures among Finnish society and residents.

The municipality of Utajärvi receives quota refugees, persons granted residence permits, individuals on the emergency relocation list, as well as those arriving through intra-European transfers on a yearly basis. Additionally, individuals with immigrant backgrounds also move to our municipality for reasons such as family or job opportunities.

Immigration services include, among others:

  • General guidance and support for immigrants and those working with them
  • Training and consulting for partner organizations
  • Arrangement of initial integration measures, as well as refugee integration work in collaboration with other organizations
  • Collaboration with organizations
  • Information dissemination, modeling and development of integration processes

Follow these steps: Contact the municipality's immigration work coordinators if you want to use the service, or if you want more information about the service.

Immigration work coordinators provide information about the services offered to immigrants and integration. An appointment must be scheduled by phone with an immigration work coordinator for customer reception.

Immigration work coordinator Huuhtanen Minna
+358 40 1935921

Immigration work coordinator Savolainen Hanna
+358 40 5741600


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